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1). Post these Rules
2). Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3). Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4). Post their names as well as their owners
5). (( NO TAG BACKS XD ))

01. Jinx was created first as a pixel doll for my website layout. My theme was inspired by the Sega Genesis game World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Which was one of my favorite games to play growing up.

 photo 71e33247-734e-491e-9d39-99cc9a0b74d2.jpg  Mickey Mouse Icon 2+FireFaLL (2)+Magical :DMickey Mousey by Oh-My-Stars   

He was intended to be a humanized psychedelic version of mickey's character from the game. Cause ya know, why not mix a bunch of stuff I love together for my site layout.:shrug: I ended up liking him so much I kept drawing him and adding on to his world.

02. You'll often see him alongside Rue.Grumpy Duck by Oh-My-Stars and some other strange looking characters.  

03. Jinx is a mischievous guy. He loves pranks and causing a bit of mayhem. However, he can't handle being the joke himself.  

04. Jinx's own personal pain in the neck is his nemesis Rue. They are similar in personality but all her mischief is solely reserved for him.:happy::stare: Her revenge is committed and long term. 

05. Jinx is rather lazy and only interested in things that effect him. In fact, his hair is so long because he's simply to lazy to cut it. 

06. His biggest pet peeve is his hair being touched by others. Especially by Rue who often uses this knowledge against him. 

Whats for Dinner?! by Oh-My-Stars

07. The world Jinx lives in is based around one of my favorite art styles, Surrealism. Although I haven't shown that off much in my art of him. 

The eyeball creature floating around him can't be seen by him. The eyeball creature is loosely based off myself. It is silent, obsessed with jinx's hair XD, but doesn't have the ability to interact, only to observe.

I'm tagging:
Whoever wants me to tag them. I haven't been around much so I'm not sure who has and hasn't done this. Just reply here if you wish me to tag you and I'll choose my favorite character from your gallery. X3

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